Elitmus Exam

eLitmus was launched in 2005 and is also known as pH test (Hiring Potential Test). It is basically aimed at recruitment of freshers and entry-level professionals. It is conducted and organized by eLitmus Evaluation Private Limited which is based in Bangalore. It has partnerships with over 200 companies that recruit the candidates via this test.

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Iconic Professional Assessment Test

IPAT (Iconic Professional Assessment Test) is organized by Iconic Career Options which was founded in 2009. It creates a platform by linking candidates, campus and cooperates together. It is operated from Delhi and Gurgaon.

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Aspiring Mind’s Computer Adaptive Assessment

AMCAT stands for Aspiring Mind’s Computer Adaptive Assessment. It is organized by Aspiring Minds and is one of the largest employability tests in India. The test helps the companies and institutions to choose the right talent. It has head quarter in Gurgaon and another office in Bangalore. Other offices are in various cities of India.

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NAC TECH test is organized by NASSCOM and is one of the best employability tests in India. It helps in increasing the employability of job seekers. It is conducted by Merit Trac Services that has partnership with NASSCOM.

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